Making the Best Breed Better

The foundation of the Santa Rosa Ranch herd comes from Brinks and Camp Cooley Brangus, Gardiner Angus and V8 Brahmans. In 2013, SRR expanded their program to include the entire purebred Brangus herd from XS Steiner Ranches (  Artificial insemination and embryo transfer are utilized from the operation’s foundation females and herd sires (either ranch-raised or purchased) which reflect the ideal phenotypic and genotypic traits sought in their offspring.      

Bull selection is made for muscle and growth in a moderate package while females are selected for their reproductive history, mothering ability/sound udders and disposition. Each bull is selected to compliment the traits expressed in the female.

Detailed performance data is collected at birth, weaning and yearling phases. Carcass ultrasound data, one of the greatest tools used to evaluate genetic improvements in the herd, is collected on each yearling to evaluate Ribeye Area (REA) and Intramuscular Fat (IMF).  Through the genetic improvement realized in the SRR herd, the program has been recognized for offering some of the best genetics in the breed.  

The programs offered at Santa Rosa Ranch include:

  • Bull Development
  • Replacement Females
  • Semen and Embryo Sales
  • Commercial Steers and Heifers - all natural, pasture finished