Everyday is Sales Day at Santa Rosa Ranch!  Feel free to contact us about the cattle, equipment and other items we have available.  936.624.2333 or  Thank you for your interest!




All bulls are available by private treaty.   Please contact us for a private viewing - we are open everyday!


Purebred Commercial Heifers are available at our Navasota and Crockett locations.  The heifers are either open or bred to low birth weight Santa Rosa Ranch Brangus bulls.  


2013 John Deere 7215 with Front and Rear Power-Takeoff

2013 John Deere front-mounted 10' cutter

2012 Krone Combi-Pack Haylage Baler/Wrapper with supplies

The John Deere equipment (both the tractor and cutter) have ZERO hours.  We ordered the equipment at the end of 2012, prior to moving to a larger operation.  At the time, we planned to utilize the one-step process to take advantage of the optimal nutritional value of our forages.  We had already used the Krone baler/wrapper for ONE hay season and had been pleased with the results of our haylage production.  However, the larger acreage made this configuration obsolete so we now utilize greenchop/silage.  


We have various double-sided wooden free-choice feeders, double-sided steel creep feeders and covered concrete troughs.